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Mayweather vs Mcgregor Boxing Watch Live Online
Mayweather vs Mcgregor Boxing Watch Live Online

Mayweather drew a record 4.6million pay-per-view purchases for his fight with Manny Pacquiao in 2015 and his battle with Mayweather vs Mcgregor Live Boxing  will almost certainly top that. McGregor - the biggest name in UFC - has vowed to knockout undefeated boxer Mayweather, and boldly had a giant mural depicting his triumph drawn up across his training gym wall. 

Place: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

Date: August 26 ,2017

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Mayweather, however, says he would "run the UFC" and scoffed at McGregor's knockout claims, firing a warning about his "granite chine". Read Standard Sport's comprehensive preview belowDATE AND START TIME
The fight is scheduled for Mayweather vs Mcgregor Saturday, August 26, though it will likely begin in the UK around 4am on Sunday, August 27. The 20,000-capacity T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas will host the fight. LIVE COVERAGEShowtime are in talks with both Sky Sports and ITV over the UK broadcast rights for the fight between Mayweather and McGregor.
Showtime's HD package will cost viewers in the US $99.95. WHAT ARE THE RULES?
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The stage is set for McGregor's first professional boxing fight, with the MMA fighter set to switch the Octagon for the ring and adopt boxing rules. Both fighters will wear boxing gloves and the use of legs, which is common in UFC, is banned. 
The bout will be 12 rounds of three minutes, should it go the distance.By Gerardo Granados: The fight between a two years retired former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and currently the biggest name and former UFC Champion Conor McGregor will take place next August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. And like it or not, no one seems to be able to stop talking about it. The promotional press tour was a total success, so I cannot and will never try to deny it. I don’t know why it was so successful, I only guess that the world has changed and now I am an old dog.
According to Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe, the fans wanted this fight, but to which fight fans was he referring to? To the boxing or the MMA fans, or was Ellerbe referring to the average sports fans who will buy anything at any ridiculous price. The one thing that I think that Ellerbe is right is that this is an entertainment fight but not so a real competitive meaningful boxing bout.I believe that this fight wasn’t arranged for the boxing purist or the hard core fight fans; I do enjoy MMA fights but I am just a casual so I cannot say if the hardcore MMA fans are really interested in it. I am certain that this “exhibition” boxing fight will sell very well; in fact, it might be a financial success that could lead to another fight due to the interest that was shown by the ones willing to pay one hundred notes to watch a boxing master fight against a novice boxer.
How can this be billed as a boxing fight but many of the real loyal boxing fans dislike it? How can some argue that if Floyd beats Conor that he will break the iconic 49 wins no losses record? How come the best fights need to marinate for a long time and a fight between two fighting disciplines only needs the major media hype to make it happen?Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame only in you brainless sheep.
I want to make clear that I like Conor McGregor a lot, but I like him as an MMA fighter, not as a boxer. I believe that if he had invested time to learn the craft – technique, as other MMA fighters did in the past, that he could have made the transition to pro boxing; but with zero fights experience he doesn’t stand a chance to beat a very talented defensive wizard and elite counter puncher as Floyd is.The major sports media puppets are doing their best to hype this bout and some of the on pay roll boxing media are also doing as told to justify and to mislead fans to believe that this is a legit boxing fight. There are many things that you can buy at the corner store but integrity isn’t one.
Conor is a great guy; he is eccentric, loud, funny and for sure entertaining. Floyd is loud, egocentric, and controversial; Mayweather has a loyal army of fanboys, whom I don’t know if they follow Floyd for his boxing talent or for his antics and his money. I see two fighters, from different fighting disciplines, with different personalities, also from different cultural back grounds that might even belong to two different generations of fans.
The younger man acting more as an adult (sort of) and the older adult behaves like a teen. Can this reflect a little of our society that sits upside down on his civil and moral valor? Maybe today is the future and madness is the new normal.
Since when showing off money replaced manhood? Nothing beats a good bad blood stare down. Yeah sure a trash talker brings more to the table than a Gennady “GGG” Golovkin type of personality, but since when boxing had wrestling hype type of press conferences?
I definitely see the madness in all of this. But what about the reader, is this normal or madness for you?Calling Mayweather vs. Pacquiao a financial success is like referring to Muhammad Ali as a well-known boxer. It and he were much more than that. Back in 2015, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao produced a reported $600 million plus. As lofty as that total was, expect Mayweather vs. McGregor to do even bigger numbers when its broadcast on Showtime pay-per-view.
We don't have all of the totals just yet, but we have enough to prognosticate a revenue total that surpasses MayPac.Any company interested in becoming the top sponsor of the Mayweather Jr. vs. McGregor bout best be prepared to fork over a hefty amount of cash. Per Darren Rovell of ESPN, the asking price for this choice piece of advertising real estate is a whopping $10 million.
To put that total into perspective, Tecate paid $5.6 million for the same spot in Mayweather's 2015 bout against Pacquiao. The company that gains this sponsorship would get its logo in the center of the ring at the T-Mobile Arena. It will also see its branding on the ring girls, two of the ropes and in the neutral corners.
The deal would also include a logo bug on the screen during the first minute of every round on the pay-per-view broadcast and $500,000 in tickets. Rovell also reports that a company who wants to purchase sponsorship in the fighter's corners must pay $5 million. That would include signage and a logo bug shown during corner cam segments and $250,000 in tickets.
If all of the sponsorship is sold, the total would be $20 million, which is almost $7 million more than the $13.2 million paid for Mayweather vs Mcgregor Boxing Fightg The pricing set for these advertising spots comes from data generated by analytics teams, marketing specialists, and social media experts. Let's just say, if the $10 million and $5 million totals weren't realistic, they probably wouldn't have been set.In turn, any company willing to pay that much for advertising spots is almost certainly doing its due diligence to ensure their advertising dollars will go to good use.