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Watch Mcgregor vs Mayweather Fight
Watch Mcgregor vs Mayweather Fight

The best thing about Mcgregor vs Mayweather Fight talk is that it has some truth in it. He completely abandoned that Thursday, in front of a crowd that wanted to eat up anything he said anyway. Surprising.
Place: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas
Date: August 26 ,2017
This obviously a huge step up in competition for McGregor considering he’ll be making his boxing debut against one of the best defensive boxers of all time, but he’s as important as Mayweather is when it comes to promoting this unworldly encounter and creating lasting buzz. Both fighters have done their part up to this point and this poster is a nice addition as we drawer closer to fight night.The fight is still more than one month away, but the spectacle of Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor is in full bloom this week.
McGregor 'inside 4' prediction spawns prop bet
Conor McGregor's prediction that he'll stop Floyd Mayweather inside of four rounds has spawned a prop bet in Las Vegas.The two superstars are currently in the midst of a four-stop, four-day promotional tour -- which will culminate Friday inside London's Wembley Arena.Until now, every jab and insult between the two has been through social media. This man-to-man tour is the "fight before the fight" in a sense, and some believe it will prove to be more compelling than what happens in the ring.
ESPN boxing writer Dan Rafael and his MMA counterpart Brett Okamoto are here to recap every stop of this  Mcgregor vs Mayweather live Fight  tour and provide their respective scorecards of who wins the verbal warfare.McGregor, the big crowd favorite, got off plenty of good lines that had the fans in a frenzy and Mayweather a bit on his heels. Conor knew he had the crowd and milked it, imploring them, "At the count of three, I want everyone in this arena to scream f--- the Mayweathers!" They complied, giving McGregor a big early lead. McGregor, dressed in a suit (no curse words), then attacked Floyd's boxing style ("He's a runner!) and his attire yet again, drawing laughs when he told him he looked like "a little 12-year-old break dancer. Dress your age!" Then he got off a pretty rude line, telling Floyd he was not able to read (harkening back to rumors from several years ago that Mayweather was illiterate). That could have drawn a referee warning for a low blow.
When it was Floyd's turn on the mic, he couldn't deliver. When he tried to get the crowd to follow his chant of "hard work" with a shout back of "dedication," all he got was booing. Ouch. And when Floyd went on about how much he has earned and that his name is "Money," McGregor got off the line of the day. "You owe money," he said, alluding to Mayweather's IRS issues.
Floyd mounted a small comeback by challenging Conor to bet his purse against his if he was so confident. Conor agreed, but nothing is likely to come of that. Floyd later got off another solid comeback when he brought up McGregor's claim that he is a runner. "Only place I run to is the mother f---ing bank," Floyd shouted. And when Floyd grabbed an Irish flag and draped it over his shoulders, McGregor responded with a big counterpunch, grabbing Floyd's money bag. It was a great comeback that sealed a comical round for McGregor. Mayweather.
During the first stop in Los Angeles, McGregor backed Mayweather into saying he'd do things that he really wouldn't. Namely: face him wearing four-ounce gloves, in a cage instead of a ring.On Wednesday, Mayweather flipped that script by challenging McGregor to bet his entire purse in their boxing match. McGregor didn't miss a beat and agreed immediately, but I think we all know there is no chance of that actually happening.
So, after being on the wrong end of making blatantly false statements the day before, Mayweather evened it up in that regard.
McGregor had his share of hits, including an attack on one "weaselly" Showtime executive, whom he blames for silencing his mic in Los Angeles, and reminding everyone of his 13-second conquest of Jose Aldo -- but it was Mayweather who stepped up in hostile territory and landed the harder shots.But we've still got to judge a winner for this round, so all you can ask yourself is which of the two performed less terrible? And the answer has to be Mayweather.
In Toronto, I liked how Mayweather embraced the role of a heel. Threw the Irish flag on in front of a very pro-McGregor crowd. I thought the respects he paid to Dana White were a perfect way to illustrate the point he was trying to make: McGregor has a "boss" and he does not. We've seen other McGregor opponents shrink in similar settings, but Mayweather seemed to genuinely enjoy it.His problem in Brooklyn was that he basically repeated the exact same speech. This is 2017, Floyd. People have internet. Everyone saw what happened in Toronto, for crying out loud.
And when the same speech fell on its face, Mayweather's answer was dropping $1 bills from the ceiling and skipping down the red carpet, awkwardly yelling "yeah" into the microphone.
As bad as all of that sounds, McGregor was worse. And for the first time in his career, he was utterly tone-deaf to what fans appreciate and find funny.
In the past few days, some have questioned whether McGregor telling Mayweather, "Dance for me, boy," is a form of racism. Personally, I didn't think so, as it's actually a line McGregor has used with other opponents. On Thursday, he chose to meet those questions head on, in a tasteless, vulgar way that -- if anything -- will only make people question the issue more.
about UFC champion  Mcgregor vs Mayweather Fight  upcoming superfight with undefeated pugilist Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26 live on Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) from inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. With just over one month to go, the fighters are settled into their camps and exhausting all options to further help their chances of winning the biggest fight in combat sports history.Not too shabby. It doesn’t seem overly creative, but seeing these two on a poster side-by-side is going to look insane either way you piece it together.